My story

My name is Susan Ginou and I am a Toronto gal, born and bred. I lived my early and college years east of Yonge (The Bluffs, Mt. Pleasant, Lawrence Park and Rosedale) and moved to the west side (High Park) when I met my husband 30 years ago.

I know Toronto then and now, from the established neighbourhoods to the changing up and comers. Schools, shops, parks, transit and the people are always changing and my job is to help you find where you fit in. I would love to help.

My 28 years of full time real estate sales experience is at your service. Call me anytime and let's talk. You can expert service and outstanding results!




You want to know their successes, qualifications and negotiations skills. Start with asking how long they have been selling real estate full time and ask for a list of homes they have personally sold (not what their brokerage has sold). A good agent will listen to your needs, be a great advisor and be courteous to everyone. They are representing you, and are therefore acting as an extension of you.


Experience doesn't just make a difference, it makes ALL the difference.

Selling your home? Don't lose money because your real estate agent lacks the experience to give you honest advice and use the latest marketing techniques to get you top dollar for your home. As a realtor for over 28 years I have been helping people buy and sell their homes successfully and for maximum value. You can expect service and outstanding results.


I hear this one now and then. Think about it. Does experience gained from working in an industry mean anything? Can that experience give you an edge when you are buying or selling your home? It can and will.

When I list a home for sale any potential buyers that are being represented by other MLS sales representatives do not meet me. They see your home with their agent and form their decision to buy with that agent. That agent may or may not have the experience to educate their buyer on issues with your home, area schools or amenities. This often results in buyers rejecting available homes for the wrong reasons.

A major part of my job when working for you is to educate the buyers agent, allowing them to then pass on my knowledge to their buyer and help them consider your home. The smallest objection can turn a buyer away from a home. This is what I do behind the scenes so to speak, the results you see on offer night.

Many newer agents will wisely ask my advice on aspects of your home and neighbourhood to pass on to their buyers. Some will not. This is why I personally contact all agents who have viewed or shown your home to get their buyers feedback and overcome any objections they may have. Not always an easy thing to do. This is how my experience selling homes for over 28 years can benefit you.


Awards are an important tool to help you decide how to choose a realtor. One of the most important traits to look for is industry experience. Not just years in the business but experience from actually selling homes.

The average realtor in Toronto sells 2 homes a year and the industry has a high agent drop out rate. You will hear claims such as "10 years of sales experience" but not in real estate. There is a big difference in knowledge between selling a home vs. selling anything else. The lack of knowledge and experience of the realtor will cost you money.

As your realtor, one of my most important functions is dealing with other agents to help them counsel their buyers on the benefits of your home over other competing properties. That is one big difference in determining if the price you are offered for your home is good or great.

Let my over 28 years of experience from over 635 homes SOLD work for you.

Below are my awards from Royal LePage for being one of the top ranked sales representatives in Canada. Have questions? Call me anytime.

Award of Excellence - Lifetime member
Diamond Award - 2023 Top 3% in Canada
Executive Circle Award - 2022 Top 2% in Canada
Red Diamond Award - 2021 Top 3% in Canada
Directors Platinum Award - 2020 Top 5% in Canada
Presidents Gold Award - 2019 Top 10% in Canada
Diamond Award - 2018 Top 3% in Canada
Directors Platinum Award - 2017 Top 5% in Canada

Long Service Award - 30 years service


Top 10% of sales in Canada for Royal LePage

Top 2% of sales in Canada for Royal LePage

Long Service Award - 30 Years

Top 5% of sales in Canada for Royal LePage

Top 4% of sales in Canada for Royal LePage

Red Diamond Top 3% of sales in Canada